Oeisha's Resort: Rates and Packages
Oeisha’s Inclusive Internet Special:
Oeisha’s Resort offers luxurious accommodations.  You will be treated to fresh island fruits, tea, and coffee.  In addition to breakfast, we offer bountiful lunches and dinners.  If you have any special requests for food or drinks, please make your requests at the time of your reservation.  Some of Oeisha’s specialties include Stuffed Lobster, Fresh Fried Fish, Barbecue Baked Ribs, Cracked Conch, and Bahamian Peas ’n’ Rice.
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We can accommodate any length of stay.  If you wish to stay longer than seven days, please contact us for our discounted extended-stay rates.  We also offer business rates.  Children under 12 always stay for free.  There is a $20.00/child charge for children over 12.
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Oeisha’s Fishing Package...
Oeisha’s Fishing Package includes one of our experienced guides and a boat that accommodates 2 people.  Your lunch will be provided to you and served on deck.  The Guide Price for a full day (8) hours is $400.00 and $200.00 for a half day (4 hours).  These fishing prices are based on flats fishing.  Please contact us for further information regarding offshore fishing, deep-sea fishing, or a larger boat. oiesha's more link button
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Oeisha’s Volunteer Vacation Package
Oeisha’s Volunteer Vacation Package is perfect for those who would like to give while they receive. This package gives you the opportunity to have a great vacation at a discounted rate, and do some volunteering at the same time.  Volunteer work will go towards the community as a whole.  We will also be helping some of the elder members of our community.  If you have a special service that you would like to offer, we will direct you where you may be needed.  If you believe that you don’t have any “special services”, we can find places fo you to help.  All we ask for you to do is  volunteer 4 hours a day during your stay.  All the rest of the day is yours to do with as you please. All of your meals, room, and transportation are included, and ar offered to you at a discounted rate.  This package can be for anybody.  It is a great family package too!!  What about a group?  We believe that you will still leave us feeling rested and fully satisfied.  

This package includes:

- 7nights/8days & accommodations for 2.
- 1 double-occupancy room of your choice for 7 nights.
-Includes 3 delicious meals daily.
- 1 complimentary drink per person upon arrival

When you book your reservation and travel by April 15, 2010 you will be entitled to our “Bahama-Vention Special” of $1449.00. **Drinks, Airfare, Gratuity, Transportation or Taxes are NOT included.
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Oeisha’s Inclusive Couple’s Weekend Special:

When you book your reservation and travel by April 15, 2010 you will be entitled to our Couples Special of $449.00 for 2 nights for 2 people. **Drinks, Airfare, Gratuity, Transportation or Taxes are NOT included.

The Couple's Weekend Special includes:
-One room of your choice
- 1 double-occupancy room of your choice for 2 nights.
- Includes 3 delicious meals daily.
- 1 complimentary drink per person upon arrival

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Oeisha’s Daily Eco-Excursions...
Oeisha’s Daily Eco-Excursions offers those who want to get back to nature an opportunity to explore our lands.  Eco-Excursions are $100.00/couple and consist of a guided tour around Southern Abaco and a picnic lunch.  This is a great way for you to learn more about our environment, with tours on land and sea lead by some of Sandy Point’s most knowledgeable guides.  You will have the opportunity to explore The Sandy Point National Reserve Forest.  Here you can search for the illusive Abaco Parrot.  Learn about our vegetation, wildlife, shells and sea life.  See what our community is doing to help preserve the environment.  You will see some of our fresh water holes and eat fresh fruits and berries right off the tree.  You will be able to fish from the beach or gather fresh shellfish from an area of our shoreline that is ripe for the picking.  You will even be taught how to become a “professional conch cracker”.  Then you can enjoy fresh Bahamian Conch Salad. Our Eco-Package offers well-rounded activities for you to enjoy during your stay with us.  As with all activities offered through Oeisha’s, your safety is as important to us as it is to you.
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Contact an Oeisha’s representative for pricing information at 1-242-366-4139 or 1-314-664-4106 (US)
Transportation from Marsh Harbour to Oeisha’s Resort is $250.00 R/T per couple.  A charge of $100.00 R/T per person over 2 people.
None of our packages include drinks, gratuity, airfare, or overweight airline charges for baggage. Gratuity for Guides and Staff are not included.  A Hotel Tax of 6% will be added to your bill.  A 10% Service Charge may be added to your bill.

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